Perfect Corners Every Time

The specially designed corner connector makes it easy to achieve perfect corners, regardless of your DIY skill level.

There's no need for complex carpentry joints, simply slot the timber into the brackets and screw them together.

We've even taken the guess work out of measuring what lengths of timber you need, with the Timber Calculator.

Do something contructive this weekend.
Take the guess work out of your project with the quick and simple simple timber calculator to find out exactly what lengths of timber you need.

  • Decide the number of levels or shelves
  • Set the overall height, width and length
  • Print out your customised timber cut list

  • 8 x corner brackets
  • 100 screws for the brackets
  • 20 screws for the shelves
  • Easy to follow instructions
You just add the timber. The brackets are compatible with CLS timber (89mm x 38mm section) and is available from most DIY stores and timber retailers.
The Simply Build It range is available online, please click the button below to see a list of retailers.

A selection of videos to show you just how easy it is.

Easy To Use

Our connectors are designed for specific applications, so there's no more guessing what you need.

It'll work the same way, every time.

Always Accurate

Connectors are engineered to help you align your timber correctly, with ease. No more angled screw and nail struggles and no more positioning problems.

Safe and Secure

Steel connectors add an extra layer of strength to any project, ensuring optimal support.

Heavy loads? No worries.
Each corner can take 2kN.

Very Strong

Our connectors are load tested to ensure they perform as intended so your hard (and not so hard) work will last for a long time.

Show off for years to come.