Building a Potting Bench

Posted 21st October 2015 by Chris Sanders

When is a work bench a potting bench? With a few quick modification, pretty much anytime. Here's what we came up with.

It began with building a work bench to show it in use outdoors, in particular as a potting bench. No problems there, start with a workbench frame and take some photos in the garden with a few bits and bobs like watering cans and some potting in progress. Actually at this point we thought it was pretty nice. This is how it looked:

It was at this point that Paul (our photographer) stood back and had an "a-ha!" moment. "Instead of trying to make a workbench look like a potting bench, why not just turn it into one?" he asked.

A quick sketch later (see below) and we came up with the simplest of solutions.

Firstly, since it's going to spend it's life outside, we ought to treat the wood to a nice stain, apart from increasing its visual appeal it also protects the timber from the elements. Aesthetic improvement - check!

OK so it looks good, how can we make it work better? Easy, cut a rectangular hole in the work top, just the right fit so we could drop a potting tray into it. Hey presto! Fully fledged potting bench, exactly like this:

We didn't have to worry about too much finesse with the cutting, since the tray lip did a good enough job of hiding our less than perfect cutting. Now we're thinking just how easily we could fix a trellis to the back of it as well. Watch this space!
Posted 21/10/2015
When is a work bench a potting bench? With a few quick modifications, pretty much always. Here's what we found.

Posted 20/10/2015
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